Sunday, June 25, 2006

No longer using Blogger

Well, its not as if its a big suprise, I haven't used Blogger in such a long time. Though most of my friends are on MySpace, I've decided to stick with Live Journal. Originaly my journal was friends only, bt with my pregnancy (due date 25OCT) I've opened it back up again :)

So, you can find me at


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Part One - Rainy Day Movie Wish List

Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The Phantom of the Opera


Hide & Seek

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Diary of Ellen Rimbauer - follow up to Stephen Kings Rose Red. I was very annoyed that they left out a look of the explainations for certain hauntings in the TV mini series. This movie is supposed to explain it. I'm not expecting it to be good though

The Eye - Chinese Horror

The Eye 2 - Chinese Horror

Blood: The Last Vampire - Japanese anime

Whispering Corridors - Korean Horror

Memento Mori - Korean Horror

Wishing Stairs - Korean Horror

Monday, October 10, 2005

Marcus is 2!

image hosting by

Two years ago on 09 October 2003 - I did the following

image hosting by to Work 9:00am - 5:00pm
image hosting by my way to the train station (5 min walk turned into 15)
image hosting by more comments at the train station how I look like I'm going to give birth any minute
image hosting by I got home DH cooked me perogies (sp?)
image hosting by went to bed at 9:00pm
image hosting by played bad girl and went to bed at 10:00pm
image hosting by up at 11:30pm thinking I had to pee
image hosting by to the hospital at 11:45 - freaking out because Marcus was 5 weeks early
image hosting by birth at 1:00 am 10 October 2005, 5 lbs 15 oz

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm going to be a WAHM!

WAHM = Work at Home Mom

Its offical... my company will be offering their employees the option to work from home in about 6 months or so. This is both exciting and very scary at the same time.

It's easy enough to get into the mindset to leave home and go to work, but how am I going to do this at home? I'm often very lazy when I'm home and I just want to relax! LOL Well... at least I'll be able to answer phone calls in a more relaxed state!

YEAH! I don't have to wear a bra!!!

So it looks like they will be giving us the computers that we currently work on to bring home. They will pay for the DSL connection. I'll have to rearrange my already small bedroom for the additonal computer. My husband aleady has ideas on how he wants to do this. He is incredibly excited about this.

Also... it will be a huge savings of money for me as well. I won't have to pay for gas, and my insurance will go down to an unbelievable amount. Right now I pay $389.30 for 6mths with AllState. When I work from how it will go down to $50.00 per 6mths for FULL COVERAGE!!! Yipee!!! Thats for driving under 7,000 miles a year. I just found out... and even my husband doesn't know this yet. This means more money to save when I go full time next year.

*jumps for joy*

Monday, August 08, 2005

What a crazy life I live

Its amazing to know that as soon as it feels that things are turning around and getting bit better, a new challenge arises.

This month my husband and I are going to the ren faire, with his friend Shauna, how at this time is approx 7/8 mths preggers. I haven't been to the ren faire in NY since before I was pregnant and i really miss it.

I'm hoping to also go with my other friends to the faire, but their lives are just as crazy, and I'm not sure its going to happen.

We decieded that this month we were going to go, because our car insurance is paid up, so we don't have to shell out $170 at the end of this month. We have even made it a point to get out of the house for our drives on Wednesdays, all three of us, because its just so relaxing.

Then, my wonderful, handsome son. Who will be 22 mths on 10 August deceided he was going to cause troubles at night and not go back to sleep once he woke up. My husband told me since what I was doing did not work (No Cry Sleep Solution) that it was time to try and let him cry it out. Lets just say it has not been a good week.

Then last night, Marcus deceided to climb out of the crib. Okay, picture this. My son is almost 22mths old. He is already 3 ft, 2in tall and probably about 32lbs. I watched him climb out of the crib, and he made it seem as if he was climbing out of a bed. *sigh*

My husband (I love that man!) told me to go to sleep, and spent the entire night in the room with him, to make sure he didn't crawl out. He told me this morning he is going to do that for the next week or two, and see how things turn out. If things turn out good, he is going to open the toddler door on the front of the gate and then see how that works. Then if THAT works good, he'll convert the crib into the bed.

Hopefully this week will go much better.